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Museumology™ (n) is our word for museology, or museum studies (also refered to in earlier times as museography) which concerns the study of museums, museum curation, and how museums developed into their institutional role in educational vehicles via social and political forces. Museum displays are given meaning and purpose by the context not only in how they are created but also how they are showcased. Museumological, or really museumological research goes beyond the superficial, delving into topics such as audiences to which exhibits are directed, responsibilities encountered by way of function, as well as alingment to the overall institution and future institional path. Museology examines the difficulties faced by historians and curators to produce a product that appeals to a wide variety of the public as well as balancing against practical critical conerns regarding typcial government funding and the associated strings attached to such funding. Public museums were created to replace private collections by displaying collected works where the general public could profit from a shared experience. The study of art, artifacts, and every object imaginable was to become more accessible to everyone, a means of discovery and wonder. In origin, the idea dates back to classical times, but publicly funded foundations can only be traced back a few hundred years. The curiosity cabinet is the earliest form of a museum in Western civilization, and in a somewhat ironic twist these days, certain private collections have become more public due to tax benefits, but are only public in so much as they are required to obtain that benefit.

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